Sunday, February 26, 2012

Concept ideas for stock photography

In my previous post I highlighted the importance of concept presence in the images created for stock photography. So what does actually concept in stock photography means? Concept is the idea you put in your photo, it’s a theme, and it’s a message if you like.

Many photographers at the beginning of their career in stock photography overlook importance of making their photos that way that they could be used for business. Biggest part of clients at stock agencies is designers who are hired for a project; it could be to set up a website, to create a good cover for a book or a magazine, it could be to make an advertisement etc. So to be able to sell your photos you need to think like a designer too.

Look around yourself when you are somewhere in the town and you will see that you are surrounded by photos which are used to promote all sorts of businesses. Go to a bookstore and have a look at covers of books that catch your eye, do the same with magazines. Pay attention to billboards on the streets and posters in the supermarkets and shop windows. Analyse that information, think about what you like in those photos and why they caught your eye. Make a list of types of images you saw and break it into categories. This should help you to see the trends and what kind of photos designers prefer.

Remember, you can be creative and even artistic, but make sure your images have a clear concept; so that the viewer wouldn’t need to guess what you tried to show in your photographs and you will see that designers will love your images.

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